ShadowTree™ Solar Lamp

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The lamp you'll fall in love with!

Creates Cozy Ambiance - Enhances outdoor spaces with warm, inviting lighting.
Stylish Tree Shadows - Projects beautiful tree-shaped patterns for visual appeal.
Easy Solar Installation - Simple setup, no wiring or electricity needed.

Our customers tell it better than we do!

Lily S.

Enchanting Garden Addition

This lamp has completely transformed my garden. The intricate tree-shaped shadows it casts are mesmerizing and create a warm, inviting atmosphere every evening. It’s become the highlight of our outdoor space, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

David M.

Perfect Blend of Style and Function

I absolutely love my ShadowTree lamp! It's both functional and decorative, providing ample lighting while projecting beautiful tree patterns on my patio. It’s easy to install and eco-friendly, making it a stylish yet sustainable choice for my home.

Emily R.

Cozy Nights Outdoors

The lamp has added a whole new level of coziness to our backyard. Its gentle glow and enchanting shadows create a peaceful ambiance, perfect for winding down after a long day. It's the best addition to our outdoor decor!

Comfort and Tranquility

Designed to foster comfort and relaxation, the ShadowTree lamp turns your outdoor areas into cozy havens. Its soft, ambient lighting and delicate shadow patterns create a sense of tranquility, making it ideal for peaceful nights under the stars or intimate gatherings with loved ones.

Enchanting Illumination

The ShadowTree is a solar-powered lamp that casts stunning tree-shaped shadows, creating a magical ambiance for outdoor spaces. By day, it harnesses solar energy, and by night, it transforms gardens, patios, or pathways with its intricate shadow patterns, providing both light and beauty.

Sustainable and Stylish

Combining eco-friendly technology with artistic design, the ShadowTree is easy to install and requires no external power. Its durable, weather-resistant construction ensures reliable performance, making it a perfect choice for enhancing outdoor areas with sustainable, decorative lighting.


Before: A plain, dark garden with minimal lighting.

After: Transformed into a magical retreat with the ShadowTree lamp casting enchanting tree-shaped shadows, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.





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Customer Reviews

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Tillman Parker

Very beautiful lantern with tree/branch image. Very impressionant and beautiful out vision. After branding. Highly worthwhile for this purchase. I would be a nice asset for the evening in the garden.

Leopold Gutkowski

lamp is really beautifull, much better than in the photos :)
in the evening it creates very nice atmosphere in the garden, i really love it!
It also was very well secured for the transport, so nothing was wrong with it.

Maryse Gulgowski

The most beautifull solar lamp😍thank you❤❤❤

Jamal Mertz

OMG! This lamp is absolutely stunning!

Anjali Reynolds

The light looks exactly like the picture in the evening the effect is really great. I recommend with all my heart