Cuddles: Your Child's Nighttime Buddy

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The Squishy Duck Light that brings warmth, comfort, and a friendly glow to your child's bedtime!

Soothing Light: Eases nighttime fears with a gentle glow.
Child-Safe: Made from BPA-free, soft silicone.
Convenient: Rechargeable with automatic shut-off.


Emily T., Mother of a 3-Year-Old

This squishy duck light has been a game-changer for our bedtime routine! My daughter absolutely loves the soft, cuddly design and the gentle light helps her feel safe all night. The rechargeable feature is so convenient, and I love that it turns off automatically, so I don't have to worry about conserving battery life. It's her new favorite bedtime buddy!

Mark D., Father of a 5-Year-Old

I bought this little friend for my son who was having trouble sleeping through the night. He instantly took to the friendly duck design and now refuses to sleep without it! The soft silicone is perfect for his little hands, and I appreciate that it's made from safe, BPA-free materials. It’s also portable, so we can take it with us on trips. Highly recommended!

Linda S., Proud Grandmother

As a grandmother, I was looking for a safe and fun nightlight for my granddaughter’s sleepovers at my house. This buddy is just perfect! It’s cute, provides a soothing light, and is easy for her to carry around. She loves cuddling with it, and I love knowing she’s comforted and secure. The USB recharge feature makes it hassle-free for me too.

Introducing Cuddles: The Squishy Duck Light, the perfect nighttime companion for your little one! This adorable, soft, and cuddly duck not only provides a comforting glow to ease your child’s fears of the dark but also ensures that bedtime is a soothing and enjoyable experience. Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free silicone, Cuddles is gentle to the touch and safe for even the smallest hands to hold and squeeze. Its cheerful design and calming light make it an instant best friend for your child, offering reassurance and comfort throughout the night.

With its gentle, warm light, Cuddles creates a serene environment that helps your child drift off to sleep with ease. The light is bright enough to chase away shadows and provide a sense of security but soft enough not to disturb your little one’s slumber. Parents will appreciate the automatic shut-off feature, which can be set to turn off after 20 minutes, conserving battery life and ensuring that your child is sleeping soundly in a dark room once they’ve fallen asleep. This means no more tiptoeing into the room to turn off the light!

Designed with parents in mind, Cuddles is rechargeable via a convenient USB cable, making it easy to keep the light powered up and ready for use. The long-lasting battery life ensures that the light will be there for your child night after night, providing consistent comfort. Its portable design allows you to take Cuddles on vacations, sleepovers, or anywhere your child might need a familiar and friendly face to ease their nighttime anxieties.

The Squishy Duck Light is more than just a nightlight – it’s a bedtime buddy that promotes better sleep for both children and parents. Knowing that their child is comforted and secure allows parents to relax and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest themselves. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a bedtime routine filled with smiles and sweet dreams. Cuddles is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom, offering a blend of functionality, safety, and charm that will make it a beloved part of your family’s nighttime ritual.

Perfect nightlight and cuddle buddy! My child loves it.

Sophia C.

Soft, safe, and soothing. Ideal for a peaceful sleep.

James J.

Portable, adorable, and comforting. A must-have for kids!

Taylor D.

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Customer Reviews

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Elise Bartell

Very apachurrable, it is amazing and has light intensity levels and all that, tmb has a mode to automatically turn off after 20 minutes👍

Alessandra Rolfson

It's lovely, it's just like I thought it would be, bring your cable to charge but bring a little charge for you to try it when it comes, it's super soft for the material. Recommended

Davon Daniel

It's pretty big, it's very soft to the touch. Fulfills its function

Jennyfer Metz

Same as the photos, it is cute, it works as indicated, it turns on and off just by touching it. Of very good quality, arrived in a week.

Michel Boyer

Very nice, it is small, but soft silicone, brings the modes off, on and on to touch


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